Food and drinks purchase: easy and efficient

With our subsidiary Pro Care Management, we help large-scale consumers in the community catering industry to achieve maximum performance in their service areas. We focus on economic benefits, using information to our advantage, and process optimisation.

New challenges, comprehensive solutions

The range of products on the large-scale consumer market has expanded significantly in recent years and has become increasingly difficult to comprehend. This is a huge challenge for purchasing departments: Planned ranges of products are often negotiated and listed but are then not able to be put into practice. The purchase of non-defined products and the problems caused by constant shifts in pricing make calculating costs more difficult, resulting in an inefficient procurement process. In order to counteract these issues, we assist you with tailored services:

  • Data import
  • Data maintenance
  • Controlling
  • Purchasing
  • Customer service
  • Dietary assistance and cooking
  • Technical support
  • Software development

Your benefits

Taking an economic approach and handling resources efficiently are both keys to success. As a reliable partner, we conduct central purchase negotiations for our clients based on bundled sales volumes and advise them how best to select suppliers and items. This offers you considerable benefits:

Efficient delivery agreements

Excellent conditions due to bundling purchase volumes

Time savings as a result of outsourcing the negotiation process

Full savings potential through the involvement of national and local suppliers

Optimal supplier structure and economic selections of products


Would you like to find out more about our subsidiary? Then visit the Pro Care Management (PCM) website.

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