Knowledge is the future

Today, more than ever, the key to success lies in continually improving expertise. Find out more about the professional training programme at the Prospitalia Institute.

With day-to-day clinical routines subject to constant change, healthcare-sector employees in particular are forever having to deal with new challenges and demands. Prospitalia is there to help, providing you with a comprehensive training programme that stands out for its quality, its practice-orientated content and for being up-to-date with the latest topics. Seize the opportunity to enhance your qualifications at the Prospitalia Institute, to tap into new fields, to exchange ideas with colleagues and experts – and, as a result, to better achieve your individual goals.

The institute programme 2018

28.02.2018Negotiating professionally – convincing means understandingBerlin
01.03.2018Basic medical knowledge for non-medics – orthopaedicsBerlin
26.04.2018Acquisition of supplies and services in hospitals in compliance with procurement law – beginners’ courseMunich
08.05.2018Conflict and team management in hospitalsFrankfurt/Main
13.06.2018How to successfully use performance indicators and benchmarks in materials managementBerlin
12.-13.09.2018Managing a multigenerational workforce in hospitalsMunich
09.10.2018Introduction to purchasingBerlin
17.10.2018Basic medical knowledge for non-medics – cardiologyMunich
14.11.2018Acquisition of deliveries and services in compliance with procurement law – advanced courseBerlin
20.11.2018Business etiquetteMunich
03.12.2018Finding, retaining and developing employeesFrankfurt/Main